Sally and Lucy

Sally and Lucy are an adorable mother and daughter pair of miniture donkeys. Sally is the mother and is the lighter colored donkey. She is five years old and Lucy is two years old. They were a local o…

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Turtle is a gelding who is approximately 20 years old and stands 14.2 hands. He was a local owner surrender who arrived with us in Spring of 2017. He stands quiet to groom and loves attention. He is b…

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Sheila is available for adoption! Isn’t she adorable?! She’s a quiet 13 year old mare who is about 14.2. She ties, baths, loads and is good for the vet. If you are interested in adopting S…

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Indi is a yearling Quarter Horse filly who we rescued from slaughter in February 2017. At the time of rescue she was not halter broke and was un-handled. She has come a long way, but we will be lookin…

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Luna is a 14 year old mare who stands 15 hands tall. We rescued her in January 2017 from a known kill buyer before she shipped to slaughter. She is still in the evaluation process. Please check back f…

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Missy is a 16 year old Thoroughbred mare who was recently surrendered to The Dorset Equine Rescue. She is tattooed and has raced a couple of times. More info coming soon.

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Spirit came to us through a local neglect case in March of 2016. He was a 6 year old feral stallion. We had him gelded right away. It’s taken a lot of work and patience over the past year or so,…

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Lady is a 22 year old mare that stands about 15 hands tall. She is not able to be ridden due to arthritis but would make a great companion horse. If you are interested in giving Lady a forever home,…

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Our beautiful Arabian Dixie is available for adoption and looking for her forever home. Dixie is a beautiful 12 year old Arabian mare that is 14.1 hands. She’s a great all around horse. She walk…

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Success Stories


Jaks is a 10 year old appendix gelding who was owned by a kill buyer and about to ship to slaughter and we pulled him. He has been with us since August 2016. He was very underweight when he came to us…

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Barney was one of four neglected stallions who arrived with us in March of 2016. They were a local owner surrender and very feral. We had them gelded right away and trimmed their feet long feet while …

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We rescued Fred along with three other mini’s from a local neglect situation in 2016. All four were stallions and had foundered. Their hooves were very long and they were very afraid of people d…

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Manning was rescued when he was 6 years old from shipped to slaughter back in December 2015.  He was very sick with pneumonia and very underweight when he arrived at DER. But after a few visits from …

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Jack (shown right) and his mother Ruby were rescued in the spring with the help of Spring Hill Horse Rescue. They were full and asked if we had room to take them. They were trapped inside an old campe…

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Duke (left) and Daisy
Duke (left) was rescued along with his sister Daisy. The photo taken at his rescue (below) was taken in the spring of 2012. You can see how skinny he was by the bones on his face, even showing through…

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Daisy Success Story
Daisy (left) first came to us with her brother Duke from a neglect case in the spring of 2012. The “after” photo was taken about 6 months later (August 2012). She has come such a long way! She was…

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Bella in her new home
Bella was rescued in the early Summer of 2015 because she was owned by a kill buyer and was scheduled for slaughter.  Ten years old at the time of rescue, Bella was adopted in the fall and is doing…

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Ollie Success Story
Ollie was rescued in the early Summer of 2015 because he was owned by a kill buyer and was scheduled for slaughter.  Three years old at the time of rescue, Ollie was adopted in the fall and is doing …

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Sarge - Success Story
Sarge came to us in August 2014 from an auction in New York where he was bound for slaughter. He came to us very scared, due to him not having his full sight. After he was examined by the vet we learn…

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Coco Success Story
Coco was rescued in June of 2014 from a known kill-buyer in PA.  He is an 18 year old pony with a wonderfully sweet personality. He was adopted by a wonderful family in CT and is now called Spirit an…

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Walter in new home
March 2015 Update – Walter (above left) found his new forever home in Massachusetts where he lives with his new equine friend Ace! It was very hard to say goodbye but we know his new owner Rebecca…

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Champ came to DER in 2014 as a ten year old when we rescued him from slaughter. He was adopted into a perfect home in NH in 2017 where he lives with his two horse buddies.  

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Lorelei Success Story
Lorelei came to us in June, 2014 from a known kill buyer in PA. She was very underweight, was missing a lot of hair, and was having trouble eating (pocketing her food in her cheeks). After a full vet…

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Rain was rescued in August of 2015 at an auction where we outbid a “kill buyer” for her to prevent her from shipping to Canada for slaughter. She was only at our rescue for four short mont…

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Pike and his friend Violet were rescued soon after they both lost their mothers due to severe neglect. Violet was just two months old and very scared. Pike, being just a few months older, looked after…

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We rescued Violet in August of 2014 when she was two months old from a local cruelty case. She tragically lost her mother due to severe neglect. She was at The Dorset Equine Rescue for two years and h…

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Ireland came to us in the Spring of 2015 when she was three years old. She was in a kill pen and in danger of shipping to slaughter. Ireland was very ill when she came to us and clearly had an extreme…

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Buttercup is a sweet and beautiful 15-year-old buckskin mare who we purchased in August of 2015 from a known kill buyer. She was literally standing on a scale getting weighed after the auction, about …

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Nash with Lorelei
Nash came to the rescue in June of 2014 after he was seized by animal control due to neglect and severe malnutrition.  He was about 400 pounds underweight and we are still working to increase his wei…

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Ruby and her foal Jack were rescued in the spring with the help of Spring Hill Horse Rescue. They were kept in a pop-up camper for nearly 6 months, completely neglected. Jack was just a new born when …

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Morgan was rescued from shipping to slaughter from NY in the fall of 2014. She’s was adopted in the summer of 2016 and lives with her new mom in southern VT.

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The Dorset Equine Rescue’s mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home abused, neglected, and slaughter-bound horses of all breeds and sizes. DER provides a safe, loving, and caring home, including all needed medical care, to every rescued horse. Once ready for their forever family, each horse is carefully placed in a pre-screened and qualified home.

The Dorset Equine Rescue strives to educate the community about all matters of horse care, health, and advocacy to continuously improve the long-honored and time-tested human-equine partnership.

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You can play an important role in protecting horses. If you witness horse cruelty, it is important to report the case to the appropriate authorities. If you are unable to care for your horse(s), please consider finding them a new home.

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